Father's Day Campaign Inspiration

Some last-minute father's day email inspiration for your next campaign.

There are precisely two groups of kids when it comes to Father's Day presents. There are those that are stressing to find the perfect gift that encompasses all the reasons why their dad is the greatest and there there are those that gave up the stress with Mother's Day and are looking for something that delivers within roughly 3-5 business days.

Regardless of the group you fall into, we're sure you've been targeted with the perfect email campaign from your favorite brand listing off the "best of the best" gifts for your old man. As much as we all appreciate our dads, companies definitely appreciate the massive retail opportunity this holiday holds for retailers across the globe.

So what makes for the perfect email campaign that grasps your consumer's attention right off the bat and makes them choose your company over the others? We've rounded up a list of our favorite's and why - to make your "dad joke" filled day even more joyful. Keep these tips in mind and get those creative juices flowing.

1. Soul Cycle - We love that Soul Cycle took the heart warming approach with their Father's Day campaign. Nothing screams "Happy Father's Day!" like a legitimate screaming baby. The subtle humor, and feel good energy from this campaign immediately grabbed our attention and intrigued us to read more into Soul Cycle (even though Sunday's are meant for pancakes not spin bikes).

2. Birchbox - There's nothing like a massive header and bright colors to grab your audiences attention. Birchbox did a great job at making the email and the product relevant for your dad's special day. The email is short and sweet - the way we like things with our short attention spans. On top of the great email, Birchbox made it's preview text "Announcing an exclusive first gift box just for Dad". Not only does a pre-made gift box take all the work out of purchasing a gift, but an exclusive one adds that touch of "I really tried!".

3. Dollar Shave Club - Don't think we forgot about our second group of people from before. Address the elephant in the room (or the distracted, last minute kids struggling to piece together a proper Father's Day gift that isn't a DIY). Dollar Shave Club let's you know exactly the easiest way to send your dad a gift even with an hour to spare. We like that the title draws you in and the simplicity of purchasing a gift entices us to click through. Because what dad doesn't need a new razor?

4. Nordstrom Rack - It's important to acknowledge that not every dad is the same with the same interests. Is he more fashion forward or prefers the hottest grill on the market? Emails that segment gifts in the "type of dad you have" makes gifting a whole lot easier. Keep this tip in mind when selling a Father's day gift to your audience.

5. J. Crew - Last but not least, how could we forget the classic yet effective tactic of a discount. J. Crew not only combines a light hearted joke, but also a nice big discount that hits you right in the face. We don't know about you, but nothing says Father's Day like a discounted sweater.

Lyndsay Schneidman
Lyndsay is a creative and experienced digital e-commerce manager, a recent graduate with honors from McGill University B.Comm. She is a self starter who successfully tackles and completes any task that is set forth. She enjoys helping companies reach and exceed their potential.

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